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Due to Covid-19, I am holding tuition classes online via zoom. I have one hour or 1.5-hour sessions available. I usually meet students one-on-one once a week, where we address the concepts already covered or are going to be covered in the following week as per students' needs. I also offer small group class sessions.

During these sessions, I address the student's individual learning needs. The lesson focuses on meeting the students learning style and needs to maximize learning and problem-solving skills.

For AP chemistry, I have learned that 1.5-hour sessions are most beneficial as that period allows for concept learning as well as working on problem-solving and concepts taught in school.

With the fast pace of AP classes and the limiting of class attendance, I am offering to meet with students to help them understand the class material and learn the concepts and strategies needed to excel in class.

In addition to individual classes, this year, I am offering this option for group classes for a maximum of 5 students per session, where we will learn concepts and strategies for success in class and upcoming exams. I am limiting the class size to 5 students to assess students' learning and address their learning needs appropriately.





 Individual classes:  $70 per hour


 Group class (up to 5 students maximum)



Group Size

Cost per hour

Cost per student per hour


$ 90

$ 45


$ 105

$ 35


$ 120

$ 30


$ 150

$ 30



Note:  You will need to form your own groups.